The Islam Information Centre is a resource centre located in the heart of Leicester. The Centre opened its doors to the general public in August 2008 with the intention of linking various communities together through creating awareness and a clear understanding of Islam. The Centre prides itself through its unrivalled pictorial gallery, exhibiting various facets of Islam. Our exhibition immediately captures the visitor’s attention by allowing people to totally immerse themselves in a plethora of rich Islamic culture. The centre endeavours carefully to take each and every one of you on a journey from 7th century Arabia, right through to 21st century contemporary Islam, with the hope of re-assembling the peace loving monument of Islam and unearthing its great legacy.

The centre also engages with multi-faith based organisations. Let us all join together to promote solidarity and equality and entwine as a community. Help us on our mission by first visiting the Islam information Centre and see for yourself, what role Islam plays socially and learn how it fits in modern history and what ideas were born from this peaceful faith, which builds our advanced societies today.

Our ground floor incorporates the very foundation of islamic creed and fundamentals which hold the peaceful house of Islam, Who is Allah? Has there been any mention of Him as a diety in previous scripts? What does He wish for us? Qura'n.. what does it actually teach? Who is Muhammad did he take various ideals from different nations and compile the Qur'an? Is it true he could not read or write? These questions are unveiled in this very gallery exhibition with the aid of multimedia presentations.

The first floor highlights the contributions of Muslim scientists in the different fields that make up our modern world today,such as schools,medicine,astronomy,agriculture,architecture and politics.Also giving information most importantly on the rights of "women in Islam" which unfortunetely is often tainted in negative stereotyping.

The second floor dedicates two new themes to the centre after much request by the public " The Qur'an and The Prophets". within the serene exibition gallery you will find the Qur'an in many languages including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, English etc not to forget our unique complete copy of the Qur'an in braille!  our main feature unravels in our gallery The Prophets, there you will find answers to many questions: How old was Adam when he died? Where did Noah's flood actually take place? Was the Prophet Muhammad mentioned by Jesus? Come and view the entire Prophets illuminated family tree and discover this legacy and discover Islam.