Group Visits 

The centre engages with multi-faith based organisations and keeps close ties with many churches and faith leaders. Let us all join together to promote solidarity and equality and entwine as a community. Help us on our mission by first visiting the Islam information Centre and see for yourself, what role Islam plays socially and learn how it fits in modern history and what ideas were born from this peaceful faith, which builds our advanced societies today.

Group visits are welcomed 7 days per week. A typical group visit programme:

• Welcome - refreshments and snacks

• Introduction to Islam (Short power point)

• Exhibition gallery tour

• Q & A’s

• Islam & Science (short video)

• Free material

• Group Meal

The above programme is just an exam­ple, we are very flexible. We can cater for groups wishing for a brief stay or a more comprehensive stay. A visit to a local Mosque can be arranged.

For further details or to make a group booking please complete the form below.